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High-Quality, Cost Effective Genetic Testing and Safe Sharps and Needle Disposal in Houston, TX

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Texas Medical Waste Disposal

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(713) 408-0401

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Houston, TX 77001 United States

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About Texas Medical Waste Disposal

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Welcome and thank you for visiting our page. Our company focus is to provide high-quality, cost effective services to medical professionals and those who use their services. We provide TCEQ (License 50126) medical waste disposal services and Genetic Testing (pharmacogenomics (PGX) and pharmacogenetics testing). TCEQ Medical Waste Disposal We provide compliant, cost effective medical waste disposal in Houston, TX and the surrounding cities. Safe Sharps and Needle Disposal Laboratory Waste Contaminated Disposal Material Equipment and Instruments Dialysis Tubing and Filters Blood, Blood Products, Body Fluids Trace-contaminated Chemotherapy Waste Empty drug vials Spill kits, IV tubing and bags Recalled or expired pharmaceuticals Corrugated boxes and red-bag liners (UN 3291) are provided at no additional cost and we have no contracts! Genetic Testing The latest breakthroughs in genetic testing allow you and your practice or pre-employment screening clinic to perform targeted genetic testing to identify specific gene mutations and genetic markers. When revealing the patientís individual gene mutations and markers, the genetic testing provides insight into potential adverse drug interaction or drug toxicity for a cascade of conditions and/or the medicationsí effect for your patient based on their profile. Get a Quote Contact us here for a quote and start providing patient-specific care through genetic testing today. Genetic Testing Related Breakthrough News Brief: Genetic genealogy is a growing field within genetic testing. There are three type of genealogy genetic (also called genetic ancestry) testing. The first is a testing of the Y chromosome. This test can only be done for men, as females do not have a ďYĒ chromosome. This provides genetic and historical family results on the fatherís side of a personís lineage. Females looking for information on their fatherís line can have a male family member conduct a test for the same results. The 2nd type of test is known as a mitochondria DNA test. This type of test serves the purpose of understanding the genetic history on the female side of a personís lineage. This can be particularly useful as so many cultureís only pass on the male lineage and surname. The last type of test is a single nucleotide polymorphism or SNP. A SNP test monitors variances in the entire genome to identify a personís ethnic lineage. For example, results of a SNP may find they are of 40% eastern european, 25% african, 20% asian, and 15% western european decent. Source ďWhat is Genetic Ancestry Testing?Ē June 6, 2017 https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/primer/testing/ancestrytesting

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