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Exotic Contaminates; Blood, Suicide, Needles, Meth, Tear Gas, Hoarding in Charlotte, NC

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Trauma Scene Clean Up

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(800) 441-6757

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(800) 441-6757


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Charlotte, NC 28203 United States

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About Trauma Scene Clean Up

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We have years of experience in the cleaning of trauma/hoarding scenes and will respond to your issue from our Charlotte local office to restore biological hygiene.

Exotic Contaminates

Has your Charlotte property or structure been affected by a traumatic event or hoarding?  If your property houses exotic contaminates such as methamphetamine (meth) lab residue and/or tear gas, a suicide or crime scene, our processes will restore the environment.  We also offer safe needle disposal in the Houston Greater Metropolitan area, as well as, the Dallas, Austin, and Corpus Christi areas.

Once the Charlotte emergency responders such as the police and coroners leave the scene of the crime or traumatic event, the family or property owner is facing the responsibility of the remediation of the affected environment. 

The police and the coroner are not responsible for the biological material left behind.  The task assigned to these first responders is to perform the investigation protocol and remove the deceased should a death be involved. 

Trauma Scene Remediation

Depending on the violence associated with the event, the remaining biological material will vary in concentration and distribution.  Not only are the biological factors important but also factors such as the length of clandestine methamphetamine manufacturing or the amount of tear gas canisters that penetrated the area.  We understand the challenges that are inherent, emotional and physical, to these biohazardous environments.  

Safe, Compliant Processes and Disposal

Obviously, this task is for a professional company who specializes in these OSHA and EPA compliant services related to regulated medical waste.  This service is not just a part of a wide collection of diversified services.  Biological remediation and safe needle disposal are our primary business.  

CALL: (800) 441-6567

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