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Accurate Investigations 601-480-3181 - Jackson, Mississippi Private Investigator & Process Server - Statewide Services

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Accurate Investigations

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Gladys Brierley

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(601) 480-3181

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(601) 683-2094


(601) 683-2094

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Please call
Jackson, MS 39345 United States

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About Accurate Investigations

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Accurate  Investigations  Private Investigator  professional, compassionate & confidential. - Covering all of Mississippi  & Alabama


Domestic-INFidelity-Child Custody-Monitored visitation

Find out the truth, prepare for trial, gather the evidence you need to protect your assets and your children's well being.  We work with you attorney. Cheating spouse investigation, surveillance, online research, internet catfish cases, . 

Surveillance : Workplace, Injury claims, Cheaters, Teens, children, Drug & Alcohol abuse, gambling, criminal activity in business, neighborhood, surveillance on custodial parent

We pay attention to details, safety issues, we know the best ways to discover your spouse's infidelity collaborating with you to establish patterns of cheating, gambling, substance abuse etc.  We use GPS tracking. We can help you monitor online activity as well help you establish who is alienating you from your spouse and breaking up your home.  From a cheating mate to an employee stealing company time, using illegal drugs or alcohol on the job, to your concerns about your teens safety online or with their friends we can provide peace of mind and help you to resolve situations by having surveillance evidence.  We can provide pictures and video legally.

Locates: Copyright violations, employee theft, People, Property

Locate that lost loved one, a birth parent or child you gave up for adoption?  Or are you looking to reconnect with childhood friends who have since moved away?  Do you need to find someone who owes you money or has stolen from you?  Do you need to find some property such as a boat, car or even plane or jewelry, or any personal items that were lost, borrowed or stolen. 

Background Investigations:  Pre-employment, Marital, Potential Business Partners, Sensitive Situations

Don't trust online data bases alone.  They can be outdated or provide you with an incomplete picture of someone's background.  In order to really check someones background out to protect you from con artists or someone who has a criminal background several things need to be done to be sure a thorough background is conducted.  These things can include pulling criminal records manually as well as searching on line, making phone calls to references, family members, neighbors and associates, checking someones credit with their legal permission, and interviewing the subject or others.  No online data base can provide this type of comprehensive research.

Skip Tracing: Judgment Collections, Debtors, Dead Beat Parents

There are some people who are deliberately hiding from their creditors and it requires a specialist who knows how to search both online, by phone, in person and in a variety of records to find people who owe you money. Don't settle for someone who does a little free address searches online, use a private investigator who knows how these people think, their habits or evasive tactics, someone who can outmaneuver the debtor and even negotiate with that debtor so you can start receiving the money you deserve.

Criminal Defense: Do you need to get all the evidence you can to prove your innocence, does your client need witnesses to be interviewed to mitigate surprises, is there more to the story than you or your client knows.  We will look under every rock and crevice to assist those who have been charged with a crime to be sure they get a fair trial with the benefit of a thorough investigation. 

Courier Services: Law Firms,  Businesses, private

Do you need legal papers transported between law offices signed and returned the same day? Does you business need small parts or paperwork transported on a routine basis in the same state or neighboring state?  Do you have valuables, high ticket items that you want transported to a vacation home or resort vacation?  We are licensed and insured and bondable for whatever your need may be.  All legal courier service is done professionally and discreetly.

Court Record Retrieval Services

Sometimes you just have to know for sure and records must be checked at the local courthouse.  We can service you locally and find reliable PI's to service you out of our coverage area.

Online Research: Teens, Spouse, Workplace, Church

Are you concerned about who your teens are talking to online?  Do you have concerns that your spouse is getting too friendly in chat rooms?  Are your employees wasting valuable company time and possibly compromising the integrity of your data by using the internet or email for personal reasons without your consent.  Do you want to know what your pastor or church staff person is doing on the internet at your church? We do thorough premarital checks and also assist churches in sensitive situations. We can assist you with all of this so that you can concentrate on doing what you need to do while we check on the safety of your teen, the faithfulness of your spouse, the integrity of your employees and the moral character of your church staff.

Computer security enhancement & computer forensics [data recovery]

There are two types of computer checks, one is for legal evidence in court and the other is just your need to know.   If you have no intention of pursuing legal action but have a need to know what is going on on your computer in your home, business, or church we can provide on site inspections.  We also can provide maintenance  services to  make your computer run smoother, assist you in upgrading your system, recommend security software within your budget, and evaluate your system in general.  We upgrade and build computers and have techs available to help you do this in a cost effective manner.  The second type of computer check involves recovery of lost data and or intense sophisticate forensics to prepare evidence for court.  It is important that you know which is the more likely scenario so you can make the right decision from the onset.  This will preserve the integrity of your system and evidence if you need to present the findings in court.

Executive protection: Corporate, private, high profile

There are times that you are traveling to certain areas of the country and or internationally and you do not want a huge entourage but just one or two people to watch your back, look after your family, spouse, or children, provide secure transportation and other low key operations.  We have people that are available to assist you with this.  If you need a couple of teams or more than short term we can refer you to associates world wide that are highly trained, armed and available for a more high profile approach.

Recovery & Extraction:  Teens, Elderly, US Citizens, missing & abducted children, high ticket property

We operate completely within the law and use trained Law Enforcement, former Military, special forces, and others trained in this area.  All situations are reviewed for compliance with US law and legal documents for recovery of parental abductions, elderly being prevented from contact with family, and other situations as required.  We do have innovative approaches to meet unsual challenges.

Counter Surveillance: Bug Sweeps -auto-home-office, also countermeasures

We do thorough manual searches as well as use high tech equipment.  Our service is highly confidential and can video tape  as well as take pictures of suspicious finds. We also can conduct countermeasures to help you to shake anyone following you or counterintelligence to confuse and mislead anyone who is keeping tabs on your activities.

Mystery Shopping: Integrity Checks, Service Quality, Customer Relations

Is your bottom line being affected by employee stealing, customer discounts due to poor service, lost of repeate customers due to lack of proper training, supervision by managers, or does your business need an evaluation so you can see things from the customers perspective. Are your employees bored, lack motivation or just don't care, do you need an outsider to come in and inquire covertly so you can learn what the main obstacle is?  Do you want to motivate your employees to excellence by setting up an awards program for performance and a way to measure that by letting them know of our services or do you want to have mystery shopping as a routine way to measure your business's effectiveness from a number of concerns such as presentation, cleanliness, competence, attitude, availability of merchandise, product or service knowledge etc.  We can help you put together a tailor made plan and evaluation tool that can be implemented in a simple format with measurable results.

Process Service: all of Mississippi & nearby Alabama.

Try using a Private Investigator or Professional Process service for those important legal documents.  Local law enforcement often has to squeeze your service in among a number of other pressing duties and emergencies can often arise that put your pressing service on hold.  Also many deputies will not have the time or motivation to pursue the subject to find out when and where they are available to be served.  A private process service company works hard to win your trust, is persistent, creative and in many cases less threatening to the person receiving service which makes it get done that much faster and more smoothly. Our success rate in process service is 99%. We specialize in hard to find or serve, evasive subjects.

Call us for help  601-480-3181 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  • Founder Association of Mississippi Professional Private Investigators
  • Member of GAOPI, NLLI, ACI, APIA, FAPI
  • Former Regional Director of NLLI
  • E&O Liability Insured

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