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The Millennium Group (561) 655-2001 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida Private Investigator - Private Detective in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Company Name:

The Millennium Group

Contact Name:

Brad Robinson

Primary Phone:

(561) 655-2001

Secondary Phone:

(561) 655-2001


(561) 655-2010

Mailing Address:

120 S. Olive Ave., Ste. 310
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 United States

Email Address:

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About The Millennium Group

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Based in
Fort Lauderdale, serving all of Florida

Florida Private Investigator License Number A-9700204

The Millennium Group's
professional team is uniquely qualified to provide clients with an astounding array of investigative services, including some services that you may not have even realized exist in the private sector! It is an axiom that no one, absolutely no one, develops keener investigative skills and better information sources than CIA Operatives and FBI Special Agents in the field.

At the core of The Millennium Group are a number of carefully selected former Career Intelligence Officers -- specialists in securing hard-to-obtain information. All received extensive training in the craft of intelligence while with the U.S. Government and are now employing these same valuable skills on behalf of The Millennium Group's clients. They are unquestionably among the world's best at conducting investigations, gathering intelligence (i.e., information), and troubleshooting difficult and sensitive problems. You can put their unique talents to work for you. In other words, you ask the questions and The Millennium Group provides the answers. It's that simple!

Investigation Services We Provide

Missing Persons Background Searches
Child Custody /Abuse Surveillance
Witness Interviews White Collar Crime
Physical Security Surveys Expert Testimony
Stalking/ Harassment Cases Polygraph Testing
Financial Asset Searches GPS Tracking Beacons
Forensic Accounting Bodyguards & Decoys
Audio & Video Tape Forensics Corporate Assistance
Travel Advisories Fingerprint Identification
Yacht & Maritime Security Due Diligence
Spousal Loyalty Drug Screening
Undercover Operatives Electronic De-bugging
Risk Analysis Specialized Investigations
Counter-Intelligence Targeted Collections
Crime Scene Forensics Special Operatives
Forensic Document Examination & Graphhology
Country Specific Cross - Cultural Training
Concealed Video Surveillance Cameras
State-of-the Art Computer Database Access
Computer Data Examination, Recovery & Security

Popular Services:


Is the classic tool of the private investigator. It is often the best and sometimes the only viable option when knowledge of an individual's movements, habits, and personal contacts are in question. Our highly-trained surveillance teams are comprised of former government operatives and are unmatched when it comes to the efficient and discreet "tailing" of a suspect. Be it vehicular or foot, static or mobile surveillance, we have the equipment and the personnel to get the job done right. Whether that individual is an unfaithful spouse, an employee or business partner selling proprietary information to a competitor, or an insurance scam artist faking a personal injury, with our team unobtrusively observing from the shadows you are provided with not only a credible eye witness and a detailed, written report, but also with photo/video evidence if desired.

Background Searches

(also known as background checks, pre-marital investigations, pre-employment screenings) are a very informative, but discreet, look into the past and present of a friend, enemy, lover, employee, relative, fiancée, roommate, housekeeper, landlord/leasee, opponent, juror/witness, nurse, babysitter, nanny or other care-giver. Our computer databases access over two billion records, giving you an accurate, up-to-date, detailed report. From the listing of an individual's most current and past addresses, to an in-depth profile of property ownership, criminal history, corporate affiliations, driving history/DUI's, bankruptcies, judgments and liens, previous employment record, and past workers compensation claims It also verifies personal identifiers and lists possible relatives including but not limited to spouses (past and present) and dependent children, and can even reveal important "bonus" details such as whether the person has been found mentally incompetent in court. Our report may, in some cases, include a consumer credit analysis as well. A background search from The Millennium Group can be brief and basic, lengthy and very comprehensive, or anywhere in-between. We tailor each report to the individual client's needs, interests and budget. For employers, pre-employment screenings sharply reduce the risk of negligent hiring lawsuits should one of your hires be accused of any wrongdoing while in your employ. Volume discounts are available.

Spousal Loyalty

SPOUSAL LOYALTY is an issue that, sadly, is on the mind of seemingly everyone today. Infidelity is at an all-time high! From the First Lady to the housewife down the street, the haunting question: "Is my spouse being faithful to me?" persists. The Millennium Group can help determine your spouse's (or lover's) loyalty or disloyalty in a number of innovative and discreet ways, several of which are described in greater detail on these pages. Surveillance, decoys, concealed video, selected database searches (Who is she calling on her cellphone? Why does his credit card bill show him buying a dozen roses that you never received? Why does the hotel computer show two people registered in his room on his last business trip?), plus other techniques can be utilized when you need answers!

Missing Persons

A lost love, relative, deadbeat dad, witness or defendant in a legal case, debtor, former classmate, old army buddy, runaway, parental kidnapping victim, heir, biological parent/child, etc. Depending upon a number of factors (e.g., length of time the person has been missing, how intent he/she is on staying missing), the task can be quite challenging, or remarkably simple if one has the appropriate computer databases, contacts, and experience in the finding of missing persons (also known as locates or skip traces). The Millennium Group has all of the above and our batting average is quite high in these cases. We recently broke our own speed record by locating a missing individual six minutes after the client walked out of our offices (we immediately called the client on her car phone to give her the good news but she had not had time to get back to her parking space yet!). For businesses, our 95% success rate can help solve your skip trace/debtor location problems.

GPS Tracking Beacon

GPS TRACKING BEACONS are small, hi-tech, self-contained, "black boxes" that can be discretely mounted on a suspect vehicle in order to covertly monitor and record the movements and location of that car (or truck, or crate of goods stolen by thieves), 24 hours-a-day, without manned surveillance. The current position of the target is transmitted electronically and automatically every 15 minutes and is logged and recorded via computer. Detailed readouts can be faxed to the client daily if desired. Whether your business involves mobile service vehicles, delivery vans, or shipping, this is an excellent fleet management/monitoring tool.

(561) 655-2001

The Millennium Group
Private investigators in
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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