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Quantum Process (601) 752-3508 - Local Process Server in Jackson, Mississippi - Process Serving Company in Jackson, MS - Statewide Service

Company Name:

Quantum Process

Contact Name:

Davy Keith

Primary Phone:

(601) 752-3503

Secondary Phone:

(601) 319-2675


(877) 852-9532

Mailing Address:

418 Pittman Rd.
Ellisville, MS 39437 United States

Email Address:

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About Quantum Process

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Service of Legal Process to all locations in Mississippi

Quantum Process serves legal documents in all 82 counties in Mississippi. Our company has a team of professional process servers that reside in every county in Mississippi and are uncommonly familiar with their home area. This enables us to provide you with multiple attempts from a server that is close to the service area and many times familiar with the person being served.

Each service fee will include up to five attempts on different days and times.  There are no additional fees for mileage or notarizing the affidavit.  Therefore, there are no surprises regarding the fee charged.  If the address is no longer current or after five attempts have been made, we will contact you for solutions and additional instructions.

We offer 3 different levels of service:

  • Routine, an attempt within seven days after receipt of your documents
  • ASAP, an attempt within 48 hours after receipt  of your documents
  • RUSH, same day attempt* or an attempt within 24 hrs
*Same Day attempt if received before 11 am and transmitted to us electronically

Locate Service

You've attempted service and it's a bad address. Now what?  Fortunately, Quantum Process has a research and skip tracing team of very talented individuals.  We offer a locate service for a guaranteed good address which is verbally verified through a friend, neighbor, relative or other person.  Resources used but are not limited to: Criminal / Civil records, voter registration, USPS records, credit headers, listed and unlisted telephone numbers, cell phone records, relatives, utilities and other private and public sources!  All FCRA and GLB apply must have an authorized purpose.  This is a hit or no hit fee structure.

Bank Account Searches

We research statewide or nationwide to locate bank accounts on an individual or business. Information returned: name and corporate address of the bank, number of accounts and balance total.  Any accounts identified will be guaranteed to match the subjects SSN or FEIN regardless of their account title.  In compliance with the GLB Act, no account numbers can be given.  This is a hit / no hit fee structure.

Nationwide Search for Real Property

We offer a Nationwide search for real property, vehicles, boats and airplanes listed in the subject's name or business name. Real estate with improved and assessed values.  This information is obtained electronically through tax assessors and other sources.

Employment Locate

We offer a locate service for a current employment name and address.  This is a hit / no hit fee structure.

Criminal Background Search Local, State and Federal

When conducting a criminal history search it is important to understand what you are getting for the money that you pay. You simply can not make one call or pay one internet site to provide you with a complete criminal history search. In fact, most criminal records in Mississippi are not available on line and must be searched by physically going to the court houses and agencies throughout our eighty-two counties. Quantum Process offers in depth criminal history searches throughout the state of Mississippi.

Circuit Court in the County of Residence

Each county has at least one superior county that has felony records for it's respective county. We search the past ten years to the present in the county of the individual's residence. A search of the past thirty years is available upon request for an additional fee.

Mississippi Department of Corrections

This search involves searching records for current or past incarceration at any state correctional facility located in MS. This is a statewide search.

Mississippi Department of Pubic Safety Moving Vehicle Summary

A moving vehicle summary may include accidents, traffic violations and DUI's for the past three years within the state of MS. This search is only available for authorized purposes.

Justice Court in the County of Residence

Each county has at least one intermediate court known as Justice Court. This court has records on misdemeanor criminal charges which may include crimes against persons, property and traffic violations on county, state and federal highways within the county jurisdiction.

US Department of Justice Nationwide Sex Offender Registry

This registry holds information on anyone that has been convicted of a sexual related criminal offense and is currently residing in the United States. This is a nationwide search.

Municipal Court in the City of Residence

This court keeps records on misdemeanor crimes against persons and property including traffic and city ordinance violations within the city limits of the town or city.

Federal Bureau of Prisons

This nationwide search includes information on past and present inmates incarcerated within any federal correctional facility.

US District Court Statewide Criminal

Mississippi statewide criminal history search of all federal districts by name.

Wants and Warrants

"Wants and Warrants" refer to legal orders to arrest a person who is wanted for having committed a crime, for violation of probation or parole, or for failure to appear in court. The charges could be for anything from a serious felony to a traffic violation. The gold standard of Wants and Warrants is the Wants and Warrants file kept in the FBI's NCIC system. This is available to law enforcement only with a few strictly limited exceptions. This search is a private-sector version of the FBI system. It consists of over 3,000,000 records (compared to the FBI's 2.5 million) that have been harvested from various criminal justice agencies in all 50 states who make their Wants and Warrants public record.

Call for a free quote: (601) 752-3508

Statewide Mississippi Process Servers

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