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Do you have an injury or fatality from a cement truck or garbage truck Port Arthur/Beaumont, TX? Experienced Truck and Auto Injury Attorneys in Port Arthur, TX

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Pierce Chapman Skrabanek Bruera, PLLC

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Caroline Chapman

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(832) 932-9692

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Port Arthur, TX 77640 United States

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About Pierce Chapman Skrabanek Bruera, PLLC

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Truck and Auto Injury


“Roadway incidents accounted for the greatest share of work-related transportation fatal injuries for 2012. Of these, 512 deaths (29% of total) resulted from a roadway collision with another vehicle. Pedestrian vehicular incidents constituted the second greatest number of transportation-related incidents.”


The US Bureau of Labor Statistics


For more information regarding an injury with a car, truck, delivery van, or tractor-trailer driver that did not follow proper signs or rest periods, on drugs or alcohol, or distracted by texting or using their phone:

  • Herniated disc
  • Shoulder injury
  • Broken bones
  • Muscle tears
  • Burn injury
  • Spine Damage
  • Strained muscle
  • Fatality


In addition to the compensation for the above injuries and fatality, we will work to secure funds for lost income, disability, property damage, medical bills, and potential perpetual medical treatment.


Pierce Chapman Skrabanek Bruera PLLC has the knowledge base and depth of experiences required in handling auto, trucking, pharmaceutical, drilling rig, industrial, and maritime lawsuits. 


Please contact us for a free evaluation of your case and thank you for your interest. 

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