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Category: Main > Expert Witnesses > Maritime/Marine

Expert Witnesses in Maritime & Marine - AAC Marine Experts, Inc. (727) 647-7112

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Captain Arlen Leiner

Primary Phone:

(941) 404-9946

Secondary Phone:

(941) 404-9946


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6530 Fairway Gardens Drive
Bradenton, FL 34203 United States

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Expert Witness: Maritime/Marine

Will Travel Nationally and Internationally

AAC Marine Experts, Inc. and Captain Arlen Leiner have the expertise to inspect all types and sizes of vessels constructed of various materials for purposes such as freight, passenger, commercial fishing, sailing, and racing. Since 1973 AAC Marine has inspected over 10,000 vessels.

In his 40 years surveying boats and other watercraft, Captain Arlen Leiner, MMS/AMS, has provided expert witness testimony in marine litigation involving vessels of any size or type. This includes numerous depositions and trials in state and federal court, with each damage and casualty survey prepared so that findings can be defended in the court of law.

Areas of Expertise:

(1) Numerous experience as certified expert witness in the Marine Field in the past 29 years, including Diminished Valuation, Accident Reconstruction, Vessel collisions, Sinking’s, Fire Reconstruction, Injury and Death, Cruise ships Accidents, Boat Construction, Repair and Quality Control, Marine Engines and Installations

(2) Experience with Docks (loading and unloading), Boatyards, and Marinas, Boat Construction, Repair and Quality Control, Boat and Ship Construction, as well as Management of New Construction and Repair,

(3) Experienced boat builder Ocean Horse Label (before HIN’s) 178FRP Commercial boats, 3 Steel, 3 Aluminum, 7 Wood, 8 sail 5 FRP and 3 Steel)), and from 2007 on under the AMS HIN Experienced and licensed operator (Master since 1963)

(4) Experienced Marine Engineer License 4000 Horsepower or greater from 1970 to 1993 (not renewed due to lack of use)

(5) Appraiser for recreational, commercial charter, and fishing vessel safety (Certified to give the USCG inspections of commercial fishing vessels, and commercial workboats) tugs barges, OSV vessels, and crew-boats)

(6) Inspector of over 13,000 boats and ships for condition, valuation, insurance,  donation, finance, risk, disaster, salvage, damage, repair,  hull, moisture, delamination, corrosion analysis, wood, Kevlar, FRP, including Ships, Submarines, Submersibles  Landing Craft, Barges, Tow Boats, OSV vessels, Jack Up  Rigs, Tankers, Mega Yachts, Yachts, Commercial fishing, Sport fish, Sail, Houseboats, Pontoon, Boat(aluminum and fiberglass), Trailers, I/O engines, Outboard gas engines, Gas and  Diesel Inboard Engines, Marine Electronics,  Freight, Sea Trials, On and Off Hire Surveys, Trip and Tow Surveys, as well as Cargo by all shipping methods. Extensive knowledge of scaffolding and ladders as well as the use of ladders and scaffolding to board vessels in boat and shipyards as well as the proper securing of ladders to vessels due to use in family boat yard in New York, as well as thousands of boarding of boats and ships in boat and shipyards to inspect vessels.

(7) Inspect MOLEX INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, Pumps, Motors, Electrical Panels with FLIR Infrared Thermal Imaging, in two Plants in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

(8) Certified Internationally NDT testing (Audio gauging Steel and Aluminum), tugs, barges, shrimp boats, and OSV vessels, including NOAA boats, USCG vessels, DEA boats, Ships to 700 feet. FLIR Infrared Thermal Image Fiberglass DEA,
USCG Vessels, Florida Wildlife Commission and specialized U.S. Government Military vessels including specialized assault vessels.

(9) Steel and Aluminum Construction under tutelage of Duckworth Commercial Boats.

(10) Equipment Associated with Boats and Ships

(11) Engine Surveys and Inspections, Diesel Engine Schools Attended, GM Diesel, YANMAR, VOLVO PENTA Diesel, CATERPILLAR, JOHN DEERE, MAN, MTU, DEUTZ, LEHMAN, CUMMINS, and ONAN. Gasoline Engine Schools, MERCURY, MERCRUISER, VOLVO PENTA, YAMAHA, EVINRUDE, HONDA, SUZUKI

(12) 2010 POLISH REGISTRAR OF SHIPPING Inspection Course (2 weeks) on CE examinations and ship inspections. (Gadansk, Poland)

(13) ABYC Electrical ABYC Electrical Systems

(14) ABYC Collision Investigation

(15) First Marine Claims Seminar

(16) Knox Claims Seminars2007,2009,2012,2014

(17) ABYC Composites Course

(18) ABYC Electrical Corrosion Course

(19) ABYC Composites Course

(20) IBEXU Composites Course

(21) IBEXU Advanced Composites Course

(22) IBEXU Surveying and repairing Advanced Composites

(23) IBEXU Improving Gel Coat Quality

(24) IBEXU Demystifying Propeller Design,

(25) IBEX National Meetings 1996, 1998, 2000,2002,2004,2006, 2008,2010,2012, 2014

(26) WORKBOAT National Seminars, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009,2011, 2013

(27) IAMI National Seminar 2003(Panama City Beach, Fl.),2008(Baton Rouge La)

(28) SAMS® National Seminars 1999,2004,2007 2009,2011, 2014

Professional Certifications:


 International Bureau of Shipping (INSB)

 Registered US boat builder under HIN: AMS

 International Association of Marine Investigators (IAMI)

 Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)

 US Surveyors Association (Certified Master Marine Surveyor)

 American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC)

 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

 Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS®), (Accredited Marine Surveyor)

 USPAP Certified

 US Boat Exchange

 Member Boat US CAT team

 USCG/Merchant Marine Master, 11th Issue since 1963

 Completed all STCW’s for US and International Requirements

 Unlimited Towboat license since 1967

 Marine Engineering License Greater than 4000H.P.

  Level 3 Internationally Certified INFRARED THERMOGRAPHER (over 7900 vessels inspected since 1995) Highest level, FLIR INDUSTRIAL and MILITARY Grade Infrared Thermal Imagers.

  Internationally Certified NDT Audio gauge certification

 Approved Subcontractor to Lloyds of London

 Certified and approved to testify in US Federal Court

 Certified and Accredited Engine and Electrical Surveyor

 Associate to PRS (Polish Registrar of Shipping)

 Named associate to IMCI and EUROCONTROL, both European CE marking Notified Bodies

Professional Organizations

  • International Bureau of Shipping (INSB)
  • International Association of Marine Investigators (IAMI)
  • Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)
  • US Surveyors Association (Master Marine Surveyor)
  • American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC)
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS), (Accredited Marine Surveyor)
  • US Boat Exchange


(1) AAC Marine Group, INC. Combining all affiliate Corporations in 2008, including family boat building and boat repairs.

(2) 2010 to Present. Worked on Litigation against BP during Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

(3) 1970-2008: President, KNOT Just Maritime Services, SAGA Marine, Davie Marine Engine Rebuild and AAC Marine Surveyors; Marine surveying of boats and engines including pre-purchase as well as damage, Vessel and ship deliveries around the world which included commercial Tug and Barge Handling, as well as Yacht deliveries and Private Captain for large sport-fishing boats. Boat handling and operational experience including running and operational hands on experience of Ships to 650 feet, Commercial Fishing Boats including, large trawlers, factory style vessels, shrimp boats, long line commercial fishing boats, offshore scallop boats and commercial grouper fishing boats. construction of commercial boats. Davie Marine Engines, rebuilds of marine diesel and gasoline engines’.
(4) 1967-1979: Operator party fishing boat fleet and passenger ferry, Brooklyn, NY; Management fleet of seven boats between New York, Mass. and Florida for family. Worked for GM in engineering on upgrades concerning GM  149,71 and 53 engines       

(5) 1963-1967 Part-time operator family party fishing boats, in New York, summers and weekends, helped run family owned repair yard in New York, In addition to repairing boats and engines in family boatyard.        

(6)1963-1967 University of Toledo; Mechanical Engineering / combustion engines

Additional Information I am a licensed USCG Master since 1963 and have held a USCG Engineering License > 4000 H.P. My experience goes all the way back as a boy of six starting in my family's business of party and commercial fishing boats (a family business which goes back to the 1920's in New York). As I grew older I worked in the engine repair facilities and boatyards the family owned. At 14 I was docking 140' boats. I have done hundreds of inspections, depositions and court cases since the mid 1980's including work on the BP Deep Horizon oil spill. I have testified as an expert witness in cases worldwide as well as the U.S. and Florida. I have done accident reconstruction on small craft, yachts, as well as commercial fishing and work boats and large ships including the newest 1000' long passenger ships. These include collisions, sinking’s, fire, groundings, death cases including alcohol related. I have also done diminished value claims. My business has built over 150 vessels in Fiberglass, composite, wood, steel and aluminum under the USCG Hull Identification AMS and in earlier years, before Hull Identifications, the "Ocean Horse" label. I have attended most of the marine engine schools over the years and did some work for GM on the early upgrades of the 53 and 71 engines as a young engineer. I am a certified FLIR Infrared Thermographer as well as a certified Non-destructive Testing Audiogauger and have all the latest equipment including engine computers, bore-scopes, and ultrasound equipment in addition to the infrared thermal imager and audio-gauge. I attend various schools and seminars throughout the year on accident reconstruction, electrical, and vessel construction. I do work for the Polish Registrar of Shipping, Lloyd's of London, as well as several French and domestic insurance companies. I HAVE BEEN HIRED BY BOTH PLAINTIFF AND DEFENSE AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ACCEPTED AS AN EXPERT WITNESS. MY POSITION IS ALWAYS "JUST THE FACTS".

Marine Boat and ship survey, condition, appraisal inspection and valuation, Infrared Thermal Imaging, Accident Reconstruction, including death, fire collision sinking, slip and falls, boatyard accidents, Diminished Valuation seaworthiness, Proper Repairs and Build, Boat and ship engines and Paint.

I have testified in the U.S., British Virgin Islands, Great Britain, France, Spain and Greece as well as Mexico

For additional Information, please call:


Captain Arlen Leiner
Accredited Marine Surveyor and Master Marine Surveyor


Expert Witness: Maritime/Marine

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