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Category: Main > Expert Witnesses > Chemical Plant & Safety Management

Berkeley Engineering And Research, Inc. - Find an Expert Witness in Chemical Plant & Safety Management

Company Name:

Berkeley Engineering And Research, Inc.

Contact Name:

Glen R. Stevick

Primary Phone:

510-549-3300 EXT 1

Secondary Phone:

510-549-3300 EXT 1


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Mailing Address:

808 Gilman St
Berkeley, CA 94710 United States

Email Address:

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About Berkeley Engineering And Research, Inc.

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With over 30,000 square feet of space Berkeley Engineering And Research, Inc. (BEAR) can conduct a wide range of experiments. Our inventory of laboratory tools is expansive, with a new Electron Microscope, portable field microscope, xRay machine and combustion lab. More than ever, BEAR is ready to serve all your needs.

Courtroom Models

Courtroom models are custom made in the BEAR lab to assure scale accuracy of the models. Our team of specialists includes a sculptor, machinist and fabricator that make courtroom models to help during trial.

Courtroom Animation - Speedy and Affordable

Our videographer, Stan Huncilman, recreats events to illustrate the accident scenario. The accident is re-enacted and videotaped. Care is taken that scene and actors resemble the actual situation while maintaining the integrity of the incident. Videos like these can be helpful in the courtroom and outside of the courtroom.

BEAR's engineers use multiple disciplines to bring the right solution to your specific situation.

  • BEAR Mechanical Engineers have analyzed and consulted on hundreds of critical, high-profile projects including the Alaskan Pipeline, Golden Gate Bridge, the BP Macondo well loss of control in the Gulf of Mexico, the Milwaukee Brewers Stadium roof collapse, the Lan Chile airplane fire at the Miami airport, the San Bruno pipeline explosion, among many others.
  • BEAR Mechanical Engineers have testified in hundreds of legal battles, winning our clients important judgements, often saving them millions of dollars in settlement fees.
  • BEAR Metallurgist and Materials Engineer tackles any material science question or concern.
  • BEAR Engineers and Physicists are available for thorough product/site investigations. Their support is also available for large and complex cases.
  • BEAR's Forensic Economist specializes in oil spills and environmental pollution from industrial accidents, agriculture, wetland/wilderness valuation and risk analysis. These services include the complete range of expertise counsel relevant to litigation.
  • BEAR Active Airline Pilots assist in aviation accident investigations.
  • BEAR Videographer and Expert Animators provide valuable visuals.

Below is a list of some of the professional groups BEAR engineers are affiliated with:

NSPE: National Society of Professional Engineers
ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Vibration Institute: an organization dedicated to the exchange of practical information about vibration and condition monitoring
NACE: National Association of Corrosion Engineers International
ASM-International: The Materials Information Society

510-549-3300 etx 1

Berkeley Engineering And Research, Inc.
808 Gilman Street
Berkeley, CA 94710


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