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Russell Darnell, PhD, EdD, MBA, BSE, CAI - California Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness - Nationwide

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Global Solutions

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Russell Darnell, PhD, EdD, MBA, BSE, CAI

Primary Phone:

(916) 825-5592

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(916) 825-5592


(530) 676-1513

Mailing Address:

P O Box 5586
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 United States

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About Global Solutions

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California Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness



TESTIMONY: $250.00 per hour TRAVEL: $250.00 per hour RESEARCH: $250.00 per hour EXPEDITED SERVICE/SPECIALIZED RESEARCH $350 per hour
● Bachelor of Science Engineering, 1999 California Coast University.                          
● Ph.D. Engineering Management, 2003 California Coast University.                          
● Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), 2005 California Coast University.                          
● MBA Global Business, 2005 California Coast University.                          
● Master's Degree Psychology, 2013 California Coast University.                          
Member of S.A.E., A.S.M.E., S.N.A.M.E., Member Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA).  Member American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC).  Chief Instructor for The Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (S.V.I.A.).  Licensed Master Research Technician, European Auto Union.   Class A Engineering Contractor.  Certified Accident Investigator (C.A.I.).  Licensed N.I.A.S.E. Master Technician.   A.M.A. Professional Motorcycle Racing License.  F.I.M. International Motorcycle Racing License.  C.M.C.  Professional Motorcycle Racing License.  A.F.M. Professional Racing License.  
QUALIFICATIONS:  35 years in professional motorsports including 1,121 victories,  60 years of motorcycle experience, Hall of Fame Motocrosser, 38 years teaching experience, 30 years experience with boats including personal watercraft, 500,000 miles driving/testing experience with trailers and motorhomes. Qualified in State, Federal and International Courts of law as an expert in multiple disciplines.  Special knowledge of motorcycles, ATV's, trailers, motorhomes, boats, ships, offroad vehicles, S.U.V.'s, diesel vehicles, Mercedes-Benz automobiles, BMW automobiles, Volvo automobiles.  Tire expert.  Special expertise with vehicle repair fraud issues.  Special knowledge in O.E.M. vs Aftermarket  and counterfeit parts issues.  Testified at trial 219 times, author of 400 technical articles and 3 books.  Court Appointed expert witness.    

Russell E. Darnell, Ph.D. has been retained by the following law firms:
Agajanian & McFall- Universal City, CA
Alevizon, Smith & Lawrence- Santa Ana, CA
Ted Anderson- Brea, CA
Anderlini & Emerick- San Mateo, CA
Archer Norris- Los Angeles, CA
Arizona Attorney General- Phoenix, AZ 
Arnold Law Firm- Sacramento, CA
Assanti and Associates, Aliso Viejo, CA
Avila & Peros- El Segundo, CA
Richard Alcauskas- Davis, CA
George A. Altenberg- Santa Rosa, CA
Theodore Anderson Law- Brea, CA
Backus & Carranza- Las Vegas, NV 
Ball, Kirk & Holm- Waterloo, IA
Bangerter Sheppard, Oakland, CA
Bartlett, McDonough, Bastone & Monaghan- New York, NY Patrick Beasley Law, Redding, CA
Becker, Runkle, Laurie, Mahoney & Day- Placerville, CA Stanley Bell Legal Corp. - San Francisco, CA
Berger, Kahn Law Corp. Irvine, CA 
Berman, Berman, & Berman- Los Angeles, CA
Blue Water Marine, Inc. Boesch Law Group- Santa Monica 
Borgelt, Powell, Peterson & Frauen- Milwaukee, WI Bowman & Brooke- Phoenix, AZ
Bozeman, Jenkins & Matthews- Pensacola, FL Breidenbach, Huchting & Hamblett- Los Angeles, CA
Brian Jensen- Bellaire, TX 
Bronson Firm- San Diego, CA
Charles H. Broward- Honolulu, HI
Kirk Brown Law, Susanville, CA
Roger D. Brown- Ft. Worth, TX
Bullivant, Houser, Bailey- Portland, OR
Bunting, Goner & Associates- New York, NY
Buresh, Kaplan, Feller, & Chang- Berkely, CA
Ralph Buss- Painesville, OH
Buus, Kim, & Tran- Newport Beach, CA.
Callahan, Curtiss, Carey & Gates- Greenfield, MA
Caplan, Danner & Bishop- Los Angeles, CA
Caulfield, Davies & Donahue- Sacramento,
CA Casey Gerry, Schenk- San Diego, CA
Cesari, Werner & Moriarity- San Francisco, CA
Joseph Chaiken & Associates- Philadelphia, PA
Chain, Cohn, Stiles- Bakersfield, CA
Chernay Law Group, Sutter Creek, CA
Cholakian & Associates- South San Francisco, CA Christensen Law- Las Vegas, NV City
Attorney's Office- City of San Jose, CA
Walter Clarke Legal Group- Palm Desert, CA
Clements, Brown & McNichols- Lewiston, ID
Clinnin, Syracuse & Belcher- Los Angeles, CA
Cluff Law Corp. Phoenix, AZ
Cohen, Johnson & Day- Henderson, NV
Mosely Collins Atty- Sacramento, CA
Brett Cook Esq- San Luis Obispo, CA
Cooksey, Howard, Martin & Toolin- Orange, CA
Costa Law Firm, Gold River, CA
Cranfill, Sumner & Hartzog- Charlotte, NC
Cremer, Spina- Chicago, IL
Crosby, Heafy, Roach & May- Oakland, CA
Dawson Crawford- Los Gatos, CA
Ben Luis Day Esq. Baton Rouge, LA
John Day Law- Scottsdale, AZ
Desmarais, Ewing & Johnston- Manchester, NH
Devereaux, Stokes, Nolan- St. Louis, MO
Dillingham and Murphy- San Francisco, CA
Dines, Gross & Esquivel- Albuquerque, NM
Dolan Law Firm- San Francisco, CA
John J. Donovan Law- Fullerton, CA
Ellen Dove Law- Sacramento, CA
Dummit & Agajanian- Los Angeles, CA
Durrett, Hardin, Hunter, Dameron & Fritchie- Baton Rouge
Eberle, Berlin, Kading, Turnbow & McKlveen- Boise, ID  Edgar Law- Santa Rosa, CA
El Dorado Public Defender- Placerville, CA
Faruqi & Faruqi- New York, NY
Russell Fields- Sacramento, CA.
Fisher, Patterson, Sayler, & Smith- Springfield, IA
Foley, Hoag & Elliot- Washington, DC Kristy Fleutsch- Stockton, CA Flynn and Flynn- San Diego, CA Flynn/Williams- San Rafael, CA
Gallagher/Bassett, American Honda Unit- Irvine, CA Gallagher & Kennedy- Phoenix, AZ
Gartner, Bennett and Schupp- Minneapolis, MN
George & George- Baton Rouge, LA
Georgeson, Thompson & Angaran- Reno, NV
William Goforth- Lafayette, LA
Gordon & Rees- San Diego, CA 
Gordon & Rees- New York, NY
Gordon & Rees, Skully Mansukani, Oakland, CA
Grant, Genovese & Baratta- Irvine, CA
Green & Hall- Santa Ana, CA
Greene, Broillet, Panish & Wheeler- Santa Monica, CA Guerra Law- McAllen, TX Michael Gums- Sacramento, CA Thomas Gundlach- Greenbrae, CA Hagans, Ahearn, McLoughlin & Webb- Anchorage, AK
Hager, Tripple, Macy and Jensen- Fresno, CA
Hagerty & Donhue- Newark, NJ
Halkaides, Morgan & Kelley- Redding, CA
Hanger, Steinberg, Shapiro, Ash- Woodland Hills, CA
Hardy Wolf & Downing- Lewiston, ME
Harmon & Day, Boise, ID
John David Hart Law- Fort Worth, TX
Hawkins, Parnell, Thackston & Young- Los Angeles, CA The Haymond Law Firm- Hartford, CT
Hays, McConn, Price & Pickering- Houston, TX
Heard, Robins, Cloud, Black, & Lubel- Houston, TX Heimanson and Wolf- Los Angeles, CA
Lloyd A. Herman & Associates- Spokane, WA
Hertz Rental Cars Hewitt & Truszkowski- North Hollywood, Higgs, Fletcher & Mack- San Diego, CA
Honda Motor Corporation Legal Dept. Torrance, CA
Hosp, Gilbert, Bersten & Hough- Pasadena, CA
Horton, Knox, Carter, & Foote- El Centro, CA 
Horwitz & Armstrong- Lake Forest, CA
Howard, Brenner and Nass- Philadelphia, PA
Jacobsen & McElroy- Sacramento, CA
Jaramillo & Borcyckowski,Sacramento CA              
Hunt Risk Management- Lowell, AR
Glenn Johnson Law, Newport Beach, CA
Jebb R. Johnson- Newport Beach, CA
Johnson, Schachter & Lewis- Sacramento, CA
Johnston & Duplass- New Orleans, LA
Jones /Obenchain- South Bend, IN
Jones, Skelton & Hochuli- Phoenix, AZ
Judge & Knight- Park Ridge, IL
Kawasaki Motor Corporation Legal Dept. - Irvine, CA Kelhoffer, Manolio, & Firestone- Phoenix, AZ
Keller, Weber & Dobrott- Irvine, CA
Kern & Supowit- Los Angeles, CA
Killeen & Associates- Houston, TX
Sharon Kinsey Law- Soquel, CA
Max Kirk- Waterloo, IA
Robert Martin Kissel- Pleasant Hill, CA
Joseph Kobayashi- Kauii, HI
Kohrs & Fiske, Santa Monica, CA
Kolod & Wager- Escondido, CA
Knox, Lemmon, and Anapolsky- Sacramento, CA
Lemieux & O'Neill- Westlake, CA
Levitt, Leichenger & Aberle- Beverly Hills, CA
Lewis, Brisbois, and Bisgaard- Los Angeles, CA
Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith LLP- Phoenix, AZ
Liddy Law, Pasadena, CA
Liebert, Short, Fitzpatrick & Hirshland- Philadelphia, PA Lippman & Weisel- Beverly Hills, CA
Longyear, O'Dea, & Lavra- Sacramento, CA
Lonich & Patton, San Jose, CA
Low, Ball, & Lynch- San Francisco, CA
Lubel Voyles LLP- Houston, TX
Lynch, Loofbourrow, Helmenstine, Gliarded & Grummer- San Franciso, CA
Mainetti, Mainetti, & O'Connor- Albany, NY Mallery & Stern- Claremont, CA
Laurence H. Mandell- Northridge, CA
Manning & Kass, Elrod, Ramirez, Trester- Los Angeles, CA Marcovich, Cochrane, Milliken and Swanson- Superior, WI Mathews, Atkinson, Guglielmo, Marks & Day- Baton Rouge, LA
George M. Mavris- Crescent City, CA
McClusky & Montgomery, Los Angeles, CA
McCormick Barstow, LLP- Fresno, CA 
McDonald, Saeltzer & Morris- Sacramento, CA
McTernan, Stender & Weingus- San Francisco, CA
Meaderis & Grimm- Los Angeles, CA
Medlap, Peabody & Pleasant- Perth, Western Australia Medlar Law- Clayton, MO  Menzies & Sernaker- San Diego, Meyer, Darragh, Buckler, Bebenek & Eck- Pittsburgh, PA Meyer & Mitchell- Hayward, CA Mark Milstead- San Francisco, CA
Morey & Upton- Costa Mesa, CA
Morgan, Melhuish, Manghan, Arvidson, Abrutyn & Lisowski- N.Y., NY
Morris, Sullivan, Lemkul & Piegoff, Las Vegas, NV Mortenson & Rafie- Las Vegas NV
Morton, Lewis, King & Krieg- Knoxville, TN
Moyer, Moyer, Egley, Fullner & Warnemunde- Madison, NB.   
Larry Nettles Atty- Minneapolis, MN
Orange Law Group- Orange, CA Stephen H. Osborne- Reno, NV
Otjen, Van Ert, Lieb, & Weir- Milwaukee, WI
Owen, Melbye & Rohlff- Redwood City, CA
Owen, Patterson & Owen- Valencia, CA
Owen, Richardson, Taylor, Mathews & Atkinson- Chicago
Michael Padway and Associates- San Francisco, CA
Parker, Straus- San Diego, CA
Patrick R. Beasley Law- Redding, CA
Patterson, Hanna & Associates- Fullerton, CA
Peatross, Greer & Haytor- Shreveport, LA
Pellegrini, Seeley, Ryan & Blakesley- Springfield, MA Perlman and Associates- Lexington, KY Pettit & Martin- Washington, DC
Francis Piscal Atty- Toms River, NJ
Placzek & Francis- Springfield, MO
Mark B. Plummer, Yorba Linda, CA
ames L. Pocrass- Beverly Hills, CA Ponce, Ritter & Shoup- Hesperia, CA
Portnoy, Leader, Peidgeon & Roth- Bloomfield Hills, MI Porter, Scott, Weiberg & Delehant- Sacramento, CA
Powers, Tolman & Farley- Boise, ID
Pritzker/Olsen- Minneapolis, MN 
Prout and Levangie- Sacramento, CA
Pryor, Carney & Johnson- Englewood, CO
Purcell Law, Santa Ana, CA
Quintairos, Prieto, Wood, & Boyer, P.A.,
Tampa, FL Raynes McCarty- Philadelphia, PA
Redmond Law Firm, San Francisco, CA
Reid, Richards & Miyagi- Honolulu, HI
John Rey- Los Angeles, CA Reynolds, Beeby, Magnuson & Kenny- Detroit, MI
Richardson, Fair & Cohen- Costa Mesa, CA
J. Cranor Richter- Newport Beach, CA Rigg & Dean- Santa Ana, CA
Rinos & Martin- Tustin, CA Roberts & Morgan- Riverside, CA
Mark Santa-Romana, Deputy Attorney General- State of California Rawlings, Olson, Cannon- Las Vegas, NV Reynolds, Beeby, Magnuson & Kenny- Detroit, MI Rinos & Martin- Tustin, CA
Roth & Dempsey- Scranton, PA Ruben and Jones- Los Angeles, CA
Rubin and Rubin- Stuart, FL
Rumberger, Kirk, Caldwell & Burke- Orlando, FL
Rushford & Bonotto- Sacramento, CA 
Russo and Graham- Seattle, WA
Office of the City Attorney of San Jose Jean Schaefer- Sacramento, CA
Scarlett Law Group, San Francisco, CA & Washington, D.C. Schell & Delamer- Los Angeles, CA
Schnieder & Onofry- Phoenix, AZ
Schuman, McClusky & Slicer- Charleston, WV
Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben- Minneapolis, MN
Scott Law- Santa Ana, CA
Sedwick, Desert, Moran & Arnold- San Francisco, CA
West Seegmiller Attorneys- Newport Beach, CA
Shepherd, Sandberg & Phoenix- St. Louis, MO
Shuman, McCuskey & Slicer- Charleston, WV
Shuttleworth, Williams, Harper, Waring & Derrick- Memphis, TN
Simburg, Ketter & Sheppard- Seattle, WA
David Skyer Law- San Diego, CA
Snell & Wilmer- Irvine, CA
SNR Denton International- Los Angeles, CA
Soltman, Levitt, Flaherty & Wattles, Westlake Village, CA Somers, Hall, Verrastro & Kern- Los Angeles, CA
Sandra Springs- Oakland, CA
Stafford Rosenbaum- Madison, WI
Stanfield & Wightman- Phoeniz, AZ
Sternberg, Eggers, Kidler & Fox- San Diego, CA Summerhill, Hull & McNamara- Toms River, NJ
James R. Sweetser, Spokane, WA
Swope & Rodante- Tampa, FL
Taylor & Braun- Detroit, MI
Taylor, Taylor & Russell- Houston, TX
Ralph Temple- Merced, CA
Tenant & Ingram- Sacramento, CA
Tendy, Ellis & Cantor- Poughkeepsie, NY
Tharpe & Howell- Sherman Oaks, CA
Thompson & Dreyer- Sacramento, CA
Thompson, Rhodes, & Cowie- Pittsburgh, PA
Thompson, Smith, Woolf, Anderson- Idaho Falls, ID
Peter Tiemann- Placerville, CA
Toy, Coleman & Davies- Sacramento, CA
Tonon & Associates, Truckee, CA
Trimble, Sherinian & Varanini, Sacramento, CA
United States Department of Justice- U.S. Attorney United States Forestry Service United States Bureau of Land Management
Veen Law Firm- San Francisco, CA 
Vitale & Lowe- Rancho Cordova, CA
David Wallis- Sacramento, CA
David E. Wattel- Mesa, AZ Webb & Beecher- Los Angeles,
Stephen Weinstein, Morristown, PA
Wendland, Sellers, Bromeland- Blue Earth, MN
Whitlow, Roberts, Houston & Straub- Paducah, KY Wilcoxen, Callahan, Montgomery & Deacon- San Francisco,
Evan Williams Law- Roseville, CA Williams, Lanza, Kastner & Gibbs- Canoga Park, CA
Williams & Wiese- Las Vegas, NV Willington & Barnes- Pretoria, South Africa
Winet, Patrick & Weaver- Palm Springs, CA
Wilson, Elser & Moskowitz- New York, NY
Wilson and Prescott- Los Angeles, CA
Winder & Haslam- Salt lake City, UT
Wood, Ris & Hames- Denver, CO
Wright, Robinson, Osthimer & Tatum- San Francisco, CA Yamaha Motor Corporation Legal Dept. 
Young, Ward- Sonora, CA.
York & Pokorny- San Diego, CA
Gary Zernich- Las Vegas, NV
Russell E. Darnell, Ph.D. has been retained by the following insurance  groups:

Acadia Insurance Allstate Insurance Company AMCO Insurance Company- Columbus, OH American Economy Insurance American Hardware Mutual  American International Insurance group- New York, NY  Automobile Club of America Burlington Insurance Company- Burlington, NC Century Surety Company Chubb Insurance Group- Pittsburgh, PA City of Sacramento (self-insured)- Sacramento, CA CNA Insurance- Dallas, TX  Consolidated Indemnity- Orlando, Fl Continental Casualty  Crum & Forester Management- Newark, NJ EMC Insurance Companies- Omaha, NB ESISA Inc. Scranton, PA Essex Insurance Company Evanston Insurance Company Farm Bureau Financial Services- Gilbert, AZ Farm Bureau Property & Casualty Ins. Company- IA Farmers Insurance Company Federated Mutual Insurance Company- Owatonna, MN First Mercury Insurance Company Fremont Comp. Insurance Group- San Francisco, CA Gemini Insurance Company- Chicago, IL Great American Insurance Company- Cincinnati, OH Great Northern Insurance Company- Pittsburgh, PA Great Southwest Insurance- Scottsdale, AZ Great Southwest Fire Insurance Company Guide One Insurance, Des Moines, IA Hanover Insurance Group Hartford Insurance Group- Hartford, CT Hudson Insurance Company Island Insurance Group- Honolulu, HI Keeler & Company Inc. - Baton Rouge, LA K&K Insurance- Fort Wayne, IN Lambin Insurance Services- Minden, NV Lexington Insurance Company Liberty Mutual Insurance Company Lloyds of London- London, England Meadowbrook Insurance Group- Southfield, MI Mercury Select Management
Motorists Commercial Mutual Insurance Company  Mutual of Enumclaw- Seattle, WA Mutual of Omaha- Omaha, NB National Fire & Marine Insurance Company- Omaha, NB National Indemnity- Omaha, NB Nationwide Insurance- Concord, CA Naughton Insurance, Inc. - East Providence, RI Noritaki Marine Ltd. - Osaka, Japan One Beacon Insurance Group, Englewood, CO Pacific Specialty Insurance, Menlo Park, CA Pekin Insurance Company- Pekin, IL Philadelphia Insurance Companies- Addison, TX Progressive Casualty Insurance Company Pruco Life Insurance of Texas Prudential Insurance of America Rand Casualty Group Limited- Johannesburg, South Africa Safeco Insurance Sedgwick Claims Management- Lexington, KY Specialty Risk Services- King of Prussia, PA State Farm Insurance Companies State of California, Dept. of Justice (self-insured) St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company- St. Paul, MN Tokio Marine Group Toplis & Harding Inc. -  Los Angeles, CA Traveler's Insurance Company Tribal First- Native American Insurance, San Diego, CA Twin Cities Fire Insurance Company- Hartford, CT Universal Underwriter- Irvine, CA Victoria Insurance Providers Limited- Sydney, Australia Well Fargo Motorsports Insurance Company- Houston, TX Westco Claims- Franklin Lakes, NJ Western Community Insurance Company, Pocatello, ID Western World Insurance Company Western Heritage Insurance Company Yasuda Fire and Marine Zurich Insurance- Sacramento, CA
Russell E. Darnell, Ph.D. has been retained by the following entities:
A & A Ready Mix Concrete- Newport Beach, CA ABC Mobile Brake Systems, San Mateo, CA Actuant Corporation, WI Adamson Pump and Drilling- Boise, ID AMMCO Tools Alta Ingenieria, Mexicali- B.C., Mexico American Eagle MC Manufacturing Inc. American Honda Motor Company Inc. - Gardena, CA American Motorcycle Enterprises Aragon Trailer Corporation Arizona Attorney General- Phoenix, AZ  Army of the Republic of South Africa ATK Motorcycle Company Atrium Group, Los Angeles, CA Baird Oil Leasing- Houston, TX Baum Tool Company Bell Helmet Company Black and White Rentals, Beverly Hills, CA Blackhawk O.R.V. Park- Tulare, California Blue Water Marine Inc. Bombardier Corporation- Canada Borg-Warner Corp. Boulder City, Boulder, NV BP Oil Company- Great Britain Brevard County O.R.V. Park- Cocoa Beach, FL Bridgestone Tire and Rubber Company British Small Arms Corporation Ltd. - Great Britain Broome Tioga Sports Center- Binghampton, NY BYD- Shanghai, China California Dept. of Justice- Los Angeles, CA California Dept. of Transportation (Caltrans)- Sacramento, CA CAL-OSHA- CA Cal-Tex Daytona Oil Corporation CHAMCO Automotive Inc. CHANLIN Group- Changchun, China Champion Spark Plugs Chaparral Motorsports, San Bernardino, CA Chemical Logistics Corporation Chery Automobile Company Ltd.- Wuhu, China Chevron Oil Company China Industrial Park- Tijuana, Mexico City of Sacramento- California City of San Jose- California The Coleman Company- Wichita, KS Continental MotorSports Inc. CooperCross Canada County of El Dorado- California County of Lassen, California
County of Sacramento- California County of San Joaquin- California County of Santa Clara- California County of San Diego, California County of San Luis Obispo, California County of Tulare, California Curnutt Shocks CZ Motorcycle Company- Strakonicz, Czechoslovakia Daro Racing- Pretoria, South Africa Dave Bickers Imports- Great Britain Daytona Helmet Company DeAnza Raceway DEITAC- Baja California, Mexico Dunlop Tire Corporation Duralube International DuraLube Oil Corporation Eagle Riders Harley-Davidson Rentals- Los Angeles, CA Eagle Rider HD Rental Risk Management- LA, CA Eagle Riders Rental- Las Vegas, NV El Dorado County Public Defender- Placerville, CA Electrofilm Corporation Enterprise Rental Cars Filtron Corporation Firestone Tire Corporation The Fleetwood Corporation Folsom Harley-Davidson- Folsom, CA Fontana Police Department- Fontana, CA Force Dynamics Engineering Corporation Ford Motor Company Fortner Helicopter Services Franklin Fueling Systems Fullbore Racing Products Inc. Georgia Pacific Corporation Girling Corporation- Great Britain Glen Helen Raceway Global Logistics- Mexico City, Mexico Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company Goki International Grant Safety Helmet Greeves Motorcycle Company Ltd. - Great Britain Grizzly Friction Products GTE Northwest Guazzoni Motorcycle Company- Italy Hallman Racing USA  Harvey Titanium Hawaii Raceway Park- Oahu, HI Hennessy Industries Inc. - Dover, DE Heritage Ford- Modesto, CA Hertz Rental Cars Hodaka Heavy Industries Ltd. Hondaline Products
Honda Motor Corporation Hybrid Mexico Motors- Tijuana, Baja Mexico Hypermarkets- Johannesburg, RSA Husqvarna of Sweden Imperial Irrigation District- Imperial, CA Indian Dunes Sportpark- Valencia, CA Indoor Sports Promotion Inventory Capital Group The Irvine Corp. - Irvine, CA Jacwal Corporation Jarden Corporation- Wichita, KS Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Authority- Poona, India J.B. Hunt Transport- Lowell, AR J.C. Bromac Corporation Kia Motors America Kawasaki Motor Corporation Kongsberg Automotive INC- Kongsberg, LaCrosse County AG Society- Albert Lea, MN Lassen County, CA Las Vegas Motor Speedway Le Mans Karting  Louisiana Dept. of Transportation and Safety Louis Garcia Construction- San Diego, CA Maremont Corporation- Loudon, TN Maverick Shocks Inc. Maxwell School District- Maxwell, CA Metzler Tire Company- Germany Monark AB of Sweden    Mondial Motorcycle Company- Italy Montesa Motorcycles- Spain Montgomery Wards Corporation Moto-Parilla- Italy Moto-Villa- Italy Motul Oil- France Nestle Foods USA  Newhall Land and Development Company Norton Motorcycles- England Ohlin Racing Ossa of Spain Otto Laboratories Packer Engineering Poona Auto Racing Association- Poona, India Penton U.S.A. P.G.&E. P.J. Corporation  Powerslide Inc. Preston Petty Products Public Defender, County of San Luis Obispo, CA Public Defender, County of San Diego, CA Racers Edge Inc.
Redline Bicycles Reynolds Chain Ltd. Rickman of Great Britain Rio Bravo Raceway- Houston, Texas Riverside County Sheriff, Search and Rescue Team- Riverside, CA Round Table Import Company Sacramento County- Sacramento, CA Saddleback Park Inc.- Orange, CA  Safety Engineering Associates Scott U.S.A. Sears Point Raceway Shell Oil Company  Sherman Construction Company- Boise, ID Shoei Helmets- Japan Sidi-Campa- Spain Simpson Helmets Smith USA Smith Goggles Snake Creek MX- Atlanta, Georgia Southern Nevada Supermoto Inc.- Las Vegas, NV Southern Pacific Land and Development Company Southern Pacific Railroad Spectro Oil Company Sprockets Park O.R.V. Stadium Motorsports Inc. State of Arizona, Office of the Attorney General State of California, Dept. of Justice State of Idaho, Dept. of Transportation Stonewell International Corp. Systems Technology Automated Resources (S.T.A.R.)   ST Racing Products International SUPA Technology- Taiwan Superior Court of California, Stockton, CA Suzuki Motor Corporation- Brea, CA Sudco International Super Seer Goggles Superior Court of Stockton California  Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (S.V.I.A.) Swallow Tire Company Swift Caravans- East Yorkshire, United Kingdom Takla Safety Equipment- Sweden TazPack Logistics/Storage Texaco Oil Company- USA Texaco Oil Company- Republic of South Africa Titanium Products Corporation Tohotsu Heavy Industries- Japan Torco Oil Company Toyota Motor Corporation Trelleborg Tire Triangle Training Inc. Tulsa Raceway Inc.
Turlock City Towing Service United States Air Force  United States Army United States Bureau of Land Management United States Department of Justice United States Forestry Service United States Marine Corps University of Alabama-Traffic Safety Department University of Tennessee- Department of Industrial Engineering United Parcel Service URBI Land & Development Company- Ensenada, Mexico Yavapai Indian Nation- Fort McDowell, AZ Velocity Wheels International Ventura County Sheriffs Department Viking Oil Company Vredestein Tire Company- Holland Wah Hung International Wal-Mart Inc.  Walters Safety Gear Webco International Wilson Sports Company International Works Performance Suspension Yamaha Motor Company Yankee Motor Corporation- Schenectady, NY Yavapai Indian Nation Yokohama Tire and Rubber Company- Japan ZhongXing Automobile North America ZXAuto Grupo Mexico 

Phone: (916) 825-5592
Fax: (530) 676-1513

Global Solutions
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El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

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