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Private Eye Security (612) 834-3294 - Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM): Electronic eavesdropping detection, debugging and bug sweeping in Minneapolis, MN

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Private Eye Security

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Mike Roberts

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(612) 834-3294

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(612) 834-3294


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Minneapolis, MN 55401 United States

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About Private Eye Security

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Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM): Electronic eavesdropping detection, debugging and bug sweeping in Minneapolis, MN

Eavesdropping Detection

Private Eye Security uses state of the art specialized electronic countermeasures equipment coupled with years of technical expertise and training to be proficient in all areas of eavesdropping detection.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures refers to the activity employed to detect, locate and defeat active and passive eavesdropping surveillance devices. It also detects existing information security and communication weaknesses. Private Eye Security uses a wide variety of specialized electronic countermeasures equipment to provided professional results to our clients.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures is a highly specialized field that requires specialized electronic detection equipment designed excllusively for the detection of surveillance devices. Extensive training and knowledge is required by specialists who perform these TSCM services. These individuals are electronic experts in the detection and location of all types of eavesdropping devices.

Private Eye Security has in excess of $200,000 invested in professional TSCM detection equipment. We also have the knowledge, training and expertise to provide professional results to our clients.

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Signs that a TSCM inspection is needed:

  • Others know your confidential business or professional trade secrets.
  • People appear to know your private activities.
  • You have noticed strange sounds on your telephone.
  • Your phone often rings and no one is there.
  • Your television has developed strange interference.
  • You have been a victim of a burglary and nothing appears to be missing.
  • One of your vendors gave you an electronic device as a gift.
  • You notice small pieces of ceiling tile on the floor by your desk.
  • Service repair personnel show up for work when no one has called for their service.
  • Service or delivery trunks are parked nearby for long periods of time.

About Private Eye Security

Private Eye Security has been in business since 1995 offering a wide variety of security services to both the public and private sectors. We have 15 years of experience in Technicial Surveillance Countermeasures, security systems, close circuit television and surveillance.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) referred to as 'sweeping', detects the presence and location of active and passive eavesdropping surveillance devices. It also detects security and communication vulnerabilities. Private Eye Security has invested an abundant amount of time and money in training and equipment to provide our clients with professional results.

Private Eye Security utilizes equipment from many different companies who are leaders in manufacturing equipment used for the TSCM industry such as Audiotel, Research Electronics International , Icom, Kaiser, Avcom, Risor Bond, Tektronix Optoelectronics, Fluke and Acterna to name a few.

Private Eye Security uses specialized electronic countermeasures equipment including counter surveillance receivers, non-linear junction detectors, broad band receivers, signal detectors, telephone line analyzers, light spectrum monitors, spectrum analyzers, thermal imagers and wide band receivers.

Rates for our TSCM services vary according to some fixed and variable factors that include facility size, the number of voice and data lines, the complexity of the inspection and changing technologies.

Our company offers TSCM inspections for three different threat levels, business, corporate and government. On average a 1,000 square foot area takes approximately 10 man hours to complete. This time may vary according to the threat level, the complexity of the inspection and the content within the examination area.

It is pointless to try and save on the cost of a professional sweep by doing it yourself. The Specialized electronic equipment used in a profeshional TSCM inspection is useless in untrained hands and it requires a counter surveillance specialist with years of knowledge and experience to be proficient in the TSCM field. Beware of companies offering TSCM services with ineffective equipment and a lack of experience and training. These companies usually charge much less than the cost of a professional sweep and they will leave you with nothing more than a false sense of security.

Look for a TSCM specialist who has formal TSCM training, a broad spectrum of technical experience and professional TSCM equipment. Private Eye Security has this extensive TSCM training, professional countermeasures equipment and through years of experience we have acquired substantial knowledge of the TSCM profession.

(612) 834-3294

Private Eye Security
Electronic eavesdropping detection, debugging and bug sweeping
Minneapolis, Minnesota Private Investigators

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