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AFTERCARE (757) 535-4367 Crawl Space Sewage Cleaning in Va Beach,Virginia Raw Sewage cleanup under houses in Portsmouth,Va Basement Sewage Cleanup in Norfolk, Va

Company Name:

Aftercare (Crawl Space Sewage Cleaning)

Contact Name:

James Redd

Primary Phone:

(757) 535-4367

Secondary Phone:

(757) 531-2639


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Virginia Beach, VA 23454 United States

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About Aftercare (Crawl Space Sewage Cleaning)

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Crawl Space Sewage Cleanup, Basement Sewage Cleaning, Odor / Storm Water Disinfection in Virginia Beach
Aftercare has successfully completed thousands of Distressed Property Clean Ups. Issues ranging from simple clutter to gross filth. No matter what conditions you have, No matter where its at: an Apartment, Hotel or Motel, House, Car, Storage unit or Garage; Aftercare can clean, dispose and sanitize it back to a livable condition.

Crawl Space Sewage Cleanup:

We specialize in crawl space cleanup. If you have a broken pipe or storm water damage that has caused contamination under your home or in a basement; our specialists can return it to a pre-loss condition.


  • Liquid waste will be extracted and disposed of
  • Debris under house will be removed and disposed
  • One inch of all soil or sand that has come in contact with contaminates will be bagged and disposed
  • Drying of crawl space
  • Microbial treatment (we hand wipe & treat all wood beams, subfloors, brick skirts & concrete piers)
  • Lime to neutralize soil
  • Add sand (if necessary)
  • Moisture barrier replacement

Our specialists have cleaned hundreds of crawl spaces from Virginia Beach to Newport News. If you have a bad odor coming from underneath your home or nats & flies coming from your drain pipes; you may have a sewage problem. We can assist your plumber by cleaning a path to the broken pipe which will allow them to repair the problem quickly without being exposed. After repair, our technicians will begin remediation.

Sewage poses a significant threat to human health. Left untreated it can affect indoor air quality; not only with odor but with disease and insect infestation.

Our Technicians will provide free estimates and a plan of action for remediation. We will work with your insurance company from start to finish. We also provide non-insurance discounts.

Class "3" Water (Raw Sewage) can cause serious health problems if not cleaned properly. Raw sewage contains air and blood borne pathogens which can make humans and animals very sick. Aftercare can remove, clean and sanitize any area which has come into contact with sewage. Our staff will eliminate insects such as Nats, Flys and Maggots along with any odors left behind. Aftercare cleans Sewage indoors and Outdoors.

Our sewage cleanup technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We are available for immediate cleanup to save your valuables and your health. Aftercare's sewage cleanup crews can step in and clean up your home with expertise. Our qualified sewage cleanup technicians use the latest technology to revive your carpet, furniture, walls and home.

We Specialize in Sewage Clean Ups under Houses! (Crawl Spaces)

Other services we provide:

1. Trash Accumulation
2. Rotten Food
3. Animal Waste Contamination /Animal Decomposition
4. Human Decomposition
5. Hoarding / Pack Rat Clean Ups
6. Human Waste
7. Abandoned Personal Effects
8. Rodent Feces Decontamination
9. Blood
10. Sewage
11. AIDS, Meningitis, Hepatitis, Staff Infections
12. Odor Control under Houses
Please contact us for questions on our Protocol. 757-535-4367
Animal Waste Clean Ups
Aftercare can remove, dispose, clean and sanitize areas contaminated by animals. Such as: Attics, crawl spaces or in homes. Once the waste has been removed and the area has been sanitized; Aftercare will deodorize all effected area. All waste will be disposed of according to OSHA Standards. No waste will be left on your site.
Types of clean ups:
1. Pigeon Waste
2. Bat Waste
3. Raccoons and Possums
4. Squirrels
5. Rat / Mice
6. Dead Animals
7. Dogs and Cats

Aftercare can be to a scene within 1 hour to these areas:

Virginia Beach
Newport News

24 hour Service / 7 Days A Week - Guaranteed Emergency Response within 1-2 Hours Anytime Day or Night.

757-535-4367 or 757-531-2639 - James Redd

Visit us online at:


Sewage Water Removal & Cleanup Services - Virginia Beach

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