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CADSC, INC. (877) 366-8348 - Worcester, Massachusetts Crime Scene Clean-up - Worcester MA Disaster & Emergency Cleanup, Death Scene Clean Up - Worcester MA Trauma Scene Cleanup and Suicide Cleanup Services

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Tim Riley

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(877) 366-8348

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(978) 356-7007


(978) 356-4606

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Worcester, MA 01601 United States

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Emergency Crime Scene, Blood and Trauma Cleanup in Worcester Massachusetts and all of Worcester County

The first company in the world with 100% of our technicians ABRA certified.

Crime and Death Scene is an unusual company. Since 1998, we have specialized in the abatement of any type of biological or infectious hazard such as blood, other body fluids, tissues and feces. We have remediated situations ranging from anthrax bioterrorism in New York City to disinfecting properties afflicted by Zoonotic diseases. We provide response services to all the New England States.


CADSC, Inc. offers management and technician consultation and training services for both established biorecovery companies and those considering establishing a biorecovery company. Depending on your needs, services may be provided at your location, the CADSC, Inc. offices or by telephone.

Biohazard Abatement Services

Removal of all biohazards with proper cleaning, disinfection, deodorization and documented disposal of infectious materials.
Trauma Scenes Medical Emergencies Suicides
Homicides Crime Scenes Decompositions
Industrial Accidents Vehicles "Trash" housing
Animal Droppings Human Feces Jail Cells and Cruisers
Medical Waste Disposal Tear Gas Pepper Spray
Pet Odor

Why you should use a professional biorecovery service

Property owners and managers have to deal with the emotional and legal implications of biohazards. The second emotional trauma inflicted by cleaning a tragic scene will often last much longer than the initial shock of discovery. For a family member, friend or employee who attempts to recover a scene, this trauma can become completely emotionally overwhelming and lead to serious mental consequences in addition to the health hazards associated with blood, tissue and decomposition products. If a person is not mentally prepared and also provisioned with proper training and equipment, the biorecovery will not be performed promptly and completely. This individual risks spreading the contamination and exposing others to pathogens.

Employing a professional biorecovery company also avoids a significant exposure to a workers compensation claim and reduces the liability for a lawsuit. Given the publics' knowledge and fears of bloodborne disease, it is a wise decision to deflect problems and questions from tenants or employees regarding proper cleaning and disinfection of a scene. The costs of a lawsuit or workmen's compensation claim for an improper cleaning are many times greater than the costs of a proper recovery. The majority of scene recovery costs are covered under most insurance policies.

Employers can avoid the legal liabilities associated with violation of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Rules and State Sanitary Code. OSHA requires that a company Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan be in place if ONE employee can reasonably be expected to be exposed ONCE PER YEAR. Federal Regulation 29CFRI910.1030 states that no employee can be placed in a position to be exposed to blood spills without first:

  1. Receiving bloodborne pathogen (BBP) training.
  2. Having a written BBP exposure control plan.
  3. Having been provided appropriate personal protective equipment.
  4. Having been offered the Hepatitis B vaccine with exposure evaluation and medical follow-up.
  5. Being provided with a method to remove and properly store the bio-hazardous waste in properly marked containers for disposal at an approved site.

Only after these five steps have been met can an employee be required by his or her employer to clean a bio-hazardous/crime scene. The costs of meeting these requirements can become very high especially if there is a high employee turnover rate.

The penalties imposed by government agencies will be almost certainly dwarfed by the costs of any lawsuit filed by the aggrieved employee or tenant. OSHA is very strict and responds rapidly to reported violations. OSHA has imposed fines ranging from $7,000 to $70,000 for serious and willful violations of the Bloodborne Pathogen Training Standard. If the employee has been exposed or injured during the attempted cleanup of bloodborne pathogens, the employer is responsible for:

  1. Medical follow-up (required initial exposure testing and examination, three additional follow-up procedures) Average cost for these medical visits is now about $1,600.
  2. Reporting the violation and the remedy efforts to various Federal and State Agencies.
  3. Maintenance of records for duration of employee's employment plus 30 years.
  4. Costs of lost production or replacement worker during testing periods.

If the collected body fluids/tissues are not properly destroyed, the Sanitary Code has provisions for the imposition of fines of up to $25,000 and imprisonment for up to two years for violation of 105CMR480.000. "Storage and Disposal of Infectious or Physically Dangerous Medical or Biological Waste."

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